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As an Attorney, I support and advise my clients on all legal issues–regardless of whether it involves company and business law, administrative law, family law, general civil law as well as criminal defence work.

I would be glad to support you on your matter at any time. I will make time for you, inform you of the legal issues pertaining to your matter or case in a non-binding manner and reach agreement with you on the conditions of the mandate you would be issuing to me.

If you issue my firm a mandate, then I will reveal various strategies to you during comprehensive consulting in order to find the best possible solution for you.

I possess profound practical skills and experience in the following areas:

I will formulate simple and comprehensible agreements for you which include everything which is required, but nothing which isn’t.

I will advise you and help you on the legal aspects of setting up your business and the formation of the companies that are required for it.

As the Administrator of several family foundations, I am very familiar with all aspects of the formation and administration of foundations.

I will support you with all legal aspects of closing, performing and terminating lease and rent contracts.

Naturally, I can represent you before government agencies and administrative agencies as well as in court proceedings before all instances.

I will answer your legal questions about inheritance planning and implement the required measures with you. In case of an inheritance, I will inform you of all legal aspects of the estate and the required actions.

I will support you on all legal aspects of the production, presentation, loaning, use and the purchase/sale of art works of all kinds.

I will advise you on all legal aspects of undertaking sports activities in groups, associations or as individual athlete.