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Pierin Vincenz in jail – he is the wrong one

If you look at economic crime that happened in Switzerland in the past weeks then Pierin Vincenz is certainly he wrong one who has been taken into investigative custody.


At another company, that has defrauded the taxpayer of CHF 78 Mio nobody has been arrested. There was even an embarrassing dispute between offices whether it should be prosecuted or not and who should prosecute it. During this time the managers at that company had the opportunity for weeks to destroy documents and influence possible witnesses.


This shows one more time, that economic crime is prosecuted in Switzerland reluctantly and inconsistently, which seems to be arbitrary.


On paper meanwhile we have a robust system to fight all kinds of economic crime in Switzerland. Even companies can be fined with fines up to CHF 5 Mio (Art. 102 Penal Code). Execution is fragmentary however and it is lacking any strategy or consistent application of the law.


The only exception are areas where specific authorities on federal level have the power to prosecute, e.g. in anti-trust or Financial Services.


Up to now all other economic crime has only been prosecuted if foreign authorities (e.g. in the case of FIFA) or private interests (as in this case) force the prosecutors do so. This does not reinforce confidence, that economic crime in is prosecuted effectively in Switzerland and raises doubts on the consistent application of the law.


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